Dog-friendly hike: the ruins of military site in the old Hong Kong

Difficulty: Simple
Estimated time: 3-4 hours
Parking: Yes (only at the Peak)
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Inside what is now the Lung Fu Shan Country Park was a military site called Pinewood Battery. Apart from its historical appreciation value, there also provides a large lawn, rare on Hong Kong island, for you and doggies to run freely.

Pinewood Battery, now the Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail, used to be armed with two naval guns to protect against threats from approaching to Victoria habour at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. All of these make this trail enriching and relaxing.

dog friendly hikingStart point of the trail: walk along Pok Fu Lam road until you see Sinopec gas station, where a narrow flight of stairs leading to Hatton road.

dog friendly hikingAll direction signs are clear, keep walking towards Hatton Road / Pinewood Battery.

dog friendly hikingThen a lovely paved morning trail of 2,800m, popular among residents nearby, families and dog owners…

dog friendly hiking…in less than half an hour up, a sign showing the entrance of “Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail” unfolds.

dog friendly hikingYou will find yourself on a lawn as big as two football pitches to let you and your dogs roam around, with bathroom and resting facilities provided.

dog friendly hikingPinewood Battery was badly destroyed during a bitter fight with the attacking Japanese forces on 15 December, 1941.

dog friendly hikingWhat you can see on the site is its ruins. A huge gun used to sit here on this platform.

dog friendly hikingThe history is well documented on information panels around the area.

dog friendly hikingThis is a bird-view looking down to Pinewood Battery.

dog friendly hikingBreathtaking sunset before heading home.

You can choose to continue to hike up for an hour more to the Lugard Road at the Peak, or go the same way down to call it a day.

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Photos credit: Alman Li

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