Hellodog is the trusted go-to-guide for dog parenting in Hong Kong. A wealth of resources, tools and forum on which medical professionals and behavioural experts contribute to. We strive to ease and enrich your life with dogs and focus on healthcare, food & nutrition, behaviour, lifestyle inspirations and leisure activities.

Hellodog refers to a greeting to dogs, a friendly way to recognise any dog as part of our community.


We encourage sharing among dog parents, medical professionals, animal welfare groups, and the public in general to foster understanding and respect for dogs as members of our community. Pet parents can therefore know better when it comes to taking care of their furry family members. We also work to advocate dog adoption and discourage abandoning with a “no judging, just helping” principle.


Our focus is to provide support and spread positivity:

  • Practical, yet light-hearted and easy-to-digest. We write heath and general care content in lay-man language without complicated terms and jargons at a long intimidating length, with the help of veterinarians and medical professionals. We love to share useful tips, discover dog-related matters and events from a local angle.
  • Entertaining in style. We want you to feel both inspired and entertained. Being drawn to beautiful design and art direction, we incorporate tasteful style into your lives with pooches. More on bringing you lifestyle inspirations, less on pure funny or cute pictures.


We are open for collaboration with medical professionals, cruelty-free animal-loving brands and organisations, creative talents who believe in our values. For enquiries, please say hello at info@hellodog.hk