Hellodog is a social startup that serves as the go-to-guide for dog parenting, providing trusted resources and tools ranging from healthcare, food & nutrition, behaviour to leisure activities, as well as promotes animal welfare through actionable steps in Hong Kong.

Hellodog refers to a greeting to dogs, a friendly way to recognise any dog as part of our community.


The purpose of our non-profit Hellodog Foundation is to:
1) fight against ignorance by educating the public on responsible dog ownership (we call it parenting),
2) increase the demand for animal adoption through engaging events and creative activities,
3) serve as a platform that enables other animal welfare groups, animal-loving corporations and the public to join efforts in achieving the betterment of animal welfare.


Our focus is to provide support and spread positivity:

  • Practical, yet light-hearted and easy-to-digest. We write heath and general care content in lay-man language without complicated terms and jargons at a long intimidating length, with the help of veterinarians and medical professionals. We love to share useful tips, discover dog-related matters and events from a local angle.
  • Entertaining in style. We want you to feel both inspired and entertained. Being drawn to beautiful design and art direction, we incorporate tasteful style into your lives with pooches. More on bringing you lifestyle inspirations, less on pure funny or cute pictures.


We love collaborating with cruelty-free animal-loving brands, caring medical professionals, creative talents who believe in our values. Please feel free to talk to us via email at info@hellodog.hk