Participating pet experts

Our members include veterinarians of different fields, certified dog trainers and Hong Kong Society of Pet Nutrition. They are happy to contribute to discussions on a voluntary basis from time to time.


Dr. Betty

Dr Betty graduated from university of Queensland, Australia, in 2006. Since then, she has been working with small animals and exotics (rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, turtles, tortoises and etc) at different clinics. She acquired qualification on veterinary acupuncture therapy and started learning about Chinese medicine, as she has grown to believe some medical cases are better treated with alternative modalities other than western medicine, and wished to help more animals in this regard. In addition, she is also studying for veterinary surgery.

Dr Betty enjoys watching movies and spending time with her son, reading veterinary-related and inspirational-themed books in her spare time, at home with her dog, various kinds of fishes and a turtle.


Dr. Ivy Cheung (BVSc MVM)

Dr. Ivy graduated from University of Melbourne in 2009 and worked one and half years in Adelaide before moving to Hong Kong in 2011. She was born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia from an early age. Ivy's special interest is surgery and she completed her Masters degree in Veterinary Medicine, majoring in surgery from Massy University.

In her spare time, Ivy volunteers at animal shelters abroad. Her interests outside of work include cooking, photography, and scuba diving. She shares her home with a four-year old Devon Rex cat called Qooley who thinks he is more a dog than a cat.


Dr Maggie Chan Yuk Ying

Dr Maggie’s interest in treating animals has only been growing, with the exposure to dogs and cats since childhood. Graduated in 2012 from the University of Melbourne, she turned her aspiration into a reality.

In addition to her qualification in veterinary acupuncture, she is also passionate in other domains such as internal medicine and dentistry. In her opinions, a veterinarian should treat all animals equal, regardless of breed, origin and financial value, as all lives are priceless. Understanding the needs and possible difficulties pet owners might have is also critical. In her spare time, she likes keeping her active through Thai boxing and cycling. At home, she enjoys spending time with her pet family (two Tong dogs, a Labrador Retriever and a rabbit).


Dr Summer Fu Ka Yin

Dr Summer graduated from Murdoch University in Australia, with a Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Biology), a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in 2007. She started practicing in Australia for one year and half before relocating back to Hong Kong.

Surgery is Dr Summer’s expertise, while veterinary acupuncture is a field she is also interested in and is currently studying for. She believes that a veterinarian must love animals to do his or her job well, with the ability to separate emotions (heart) from logics (mind). Caring for the needs of sick animals and those of the owners are equally important. In her opinions, western medicine focuses on identifying and treating medical conditions while Chinese medicine stresses on healing to achieve the overall body balance.


Dr Vincent Tse (BVMs, MRCVs)

Dr. Vincent Tse graduated from Murdoch University, Australia in 2013 with his degree in Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. He was born in Hong Kong, moved to the United States after secondary school, and was awarded his first degree in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of California in 2007. He moved to Australia for his veterinary studies afterwards. He started his first job in Tai Wai Small Animal & Exotic Hospital as a night shift emergency veterinary surgeon.

He had many pets since childhood, including sea horses, octopus, mudskippers, ghost crabs, chameleon, tarantula, king scorpion, rabbits, birds and a cat. He enjoys working with exotic animals, and is also interested in veterinary geriatric medicine. He acquires proficiency in small animal and exotic animal emergency medicine & surgery, which gives him confidence of providing advice to pet owners and distributing cases.


Dr. Wallis Chan (BVSc MVS)

Dr Wallis grew up with cats and chinchillas. The deciding moment she found her calling to be a veterinarian was when her beloved cat Furby got pregnant and had difficulty giving birth. Young Wallis took Furby to the vet and aided in Furby’s recovery. She realized immediately that she wanted to take care of animals professionally! There started her journey to Melbourne, Australia, to qualify as a veterinarian. Dr Wallis believes in continue professional development to keep up with the ever evolving medical fields. She completed her Master in Veterinary Science with a special interest in internal medicine in 2015, and is now doing her Diploma in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

In her spare time, Dr Wallis is an amateur foodie and avid traveller.

Chairman of HKSPN

Mr. Yun Yu Lau (The Chairman of the Hong Kong Society for Pet Nutrition)

Mr. Y Y Lau, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Society for Pet Nutrition (HKSPN), obtained the qualifications of Certificate of Advanced Pet Nutritional Advisor (Australia), Pet Nutrition Diploma (UK), Pet Sitting Diploma (UK), Certificate of Building Blocks of Companion Animal Nutrition (USA), Certificate of Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist (Canada). He started to promote the pet nutrition education in 2009.

Over the years, Mr. Y Y Lau has shared and taught the proper knowledge of keeping pets in different media in Hong Kong such as Television Broadcast Limited (TVB), now TV, Cable Television, RoadShow, Asia Television Limited (ATV), RTHK, Oriental Daily, Ming Pao, Metro Daily, The Voice, Sky Post, Sudden Weekly, My Pet Magazine and Petarte.

Currently, Mr. Y Y Lau actively nurtures pet nutrition professionals. His students are from all over China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Malaysia, etc.

Certified dog trainer

Mr Erik Tamm

Erik first became interested in training after adopting a dog with behavioral problems and later went on to study at the Academy for Dog Trainers where he found his true calling for force-free training. He enjoys working with all owners and dogs but has a soft spot for dogs struggling with fear and aggression.

Erik hopes that one day all animals will be trained with compassion and that the use of fear, pain or coercion will no longer be considered acceptable. Dogs make people happy. Erik’s goal is to teach people how to make their dogs happy too, especially when training them. A native of Sweden, Erik has lived in Hong Kong for the last 15 years where he offers private dog training and behaviour consultations as well as group classes.

Certified dog trainer

Mr James Leung

A professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (Professional Member No. 83712), James is the current Training Director at Hong Kong Canine. Certified and specialising in pet obedience and behaviour modification, he focuses on techniques that promote a healthier relationship between dog and owner. To achieve the desired outcome in a timely manner, James primarily uses a reward based system that encourages canine self-learning. Each training programme is tailored to suit the specific needs of both dog and handler. Heavy emphasis is placed on training in a simple, clear and concise manner. Ultimately, James believes that the best results are achieved when training is fun for all parties involved.

He is also certified and trained to handle narcotics, explosive and bed bug detection dogs. And has experience in training and handling dogs in the following disciplines: search and rescue, service and therapy, tracking, canine scent detection, protection and police K9 units.

Certified dog trainer

Siu Ming

Siu Ming has been in love with dogs since he was very young. He then became the first professional pet photographer in Hong Kong who is also a certified pet dog trainer (CTC) from the Academy for Dog Trainers and professional member of the APDT.

Siu Ming is eager to promote to the public the science of animal behaviours so that dog owners do not misread their dogs so dogs won't be treated and trained inhumanely. No dogs deserve to be handled and trained aversively. A happy and healthy relationship can only be built on understanding and trust.


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Viewing 5 topics - 1 through 5 (of 40 total)